Pollination is happening, please wait|
What happens if
are in catastrophic decline
Bee populations
for the consequences?
Are we prepared
attitude toward nature
and our predatory
to human activity
This is due
the bEE
Bee populations
are in catastrophic
decline worldwide
Bees pollinate more than 75% of all crops
Given the variety of crops that farmers typically grow, the loss of pumpkins would be a severe but compensable blow to their households. Nevertheless, for the Halloween industry, the lack of pumpkins will be a severe blow
Not only the number of fruits on the tree, but also their content of healthy fats and vitamins depends on the bees
So without bees, the supply of coffee in our world would decline and the industry would lose its profitability
Bees are also the main pollinators of coffee
Bees and bumblebees are the main pollinators of pumpkins
Following the bees, many fruits and vegetables will
and dried fruit
also disappear
cocoa beans
Honeybees are essential for the cultivation of many types of nuts, including almonds and cashews.
is a world without
A world without bees
Halloween without
We'll celebrate
And also products containing honey, oils, spices, confectionery, jams and juices
Without bees, we would
lose most of our
Watermelons, pumpkins, melons, apples, pears, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, peaches, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries
usual diet
we would
It begs the question, what
Rye, wheat, rice, more corn. They are pollinated by the wind
Bananas are pollinated mostly by bats
You can’t plant cut tubers indefinitely, you have to get seeds from time to time, and you need bees for seeds
will be left?
by the wind
Grapes are also
won't stay for long
But potatoes
The changes will come one by one in a chain
The world would
NOT be the same
Oilseeds are the main source of protein for cows, without them it is difficult to gain optimal weight and size
Bees pollinate most cotton. Yes, we have learned to make synthetic substitutes, such as polyester, but in a world without cotton, the price of cotton will increase dramatically
Many animals, birds, and insects that feed on nectar and pollen will disappear, disrupting food chains and the ecological balance of nature
For a cow to give milk, she needs meadow grasses
We will face
Vitamin deficiencies
Ecological imbalance
Food shortages
Record price increases
Disruption of world trade
environmental consequences
very rare
Beef will become
As will dairy
will disappear
The cotton
pollinated by bees
depend on canola
Even biofuels
and economic
to live in such a world?
Do we want
It is intended to draw widespread attention both to the role that bees and other pollinators play in maintaining the health of humans and the planet, and to the many threats they face today
The holiday was established by a UN General Assembly resolution in December 2017
May 20
is celebrated
World Bee Day
many celebrities
and brands help
The actress, known for her humanitarian work, posed for National Geographic to draw attention to bee protection and a joint program between UNESCO and Guerlain that teaches women how to make a living beekeeping, preserving the world’s population of beneficial insects
Angelina Jolie spoke in support of World Bee Day 2021
of Slovenian origin, was born
the founder of modern beekeeping
on May 20, 1734, Anton Janša,
The date was not chosen by chance;
covered in bees
Jolie stood motionless,
For 18 minutes,
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At the end of each season, specialists hand-pick the honey and serve it to customers visiting the plant
beekeeping to preserve the bee population
Preserving bee populations requires joint efforts by governments, the public and businesses
From May 20 to 22, 2021 Guerlain donated 20% of its sales to the bee conservation program
automobile brands are embracing
Guerlain, whose symbol is a bee, has been engaged in the preservation
of this important for mankind insect species for more than ten years
At the Rolls-Royce plant in Goodwood, for example, there are six hives containing more than a quarter of a million honeybees.
their own apiary
and Lamborghini also
Bentley Motors
Every one of us can contribute to this great cause
Here are a few steps to help us keep bees and other pollinators